Contact us at Include your order number in the email if applicable to speed up the process. If you do not receive a response within 3 days, please send us another email. 


Group Buys

Q:  What is a group buy?

A:  A group buy is a community funded project where products are designed and paid for upfront and then produced in a single production run. This allows for custom designs to be brought to life without the excessive costs of maintaining stock. 


Q:  How do they work? 

A:  Customers purchase a slot in the form of products in the initial stage of the group buy which assists in funding the project itself. Once the minimum order quantity (MOQ)  is reached, the order is submitted to the manufacturers and production starts on the items. Once production is completed, items are shipped out to customers.


Q:  When will I get my order? 

A:  Orders are shipped out in the order that they are received in. Group buy timeframes are variable as the items are not yet manufactured at the time of purchase. If any delays in the production or organization process occur, we will put out updates to inform those who have participated in the group buy. 


Q:  Can I cancel or change a group buy order? 

A:  Orders can be changed or canceled in the initial stage of a group buy when products are still available to purchase. As soon as the order is submitted to the factories or vendors, you will not be able to cancel your order. 


Q:  I want to change my GB order. How do I do that? 

A:  GB orders can be changed by contacting us at the email at the top of the page. Orders may only be changed during the initial purchasing stage of the group buy. Orders are locked in once the bulk order is submitted. The items will usually be canceled and another order sent via email.  


Q:  My address has changed between the time of purchase and delivery. How can I change my mailing address?

A:  Please log into the account used to purchase the item and add a new address. Once complete, contact us at the email above with an order number and we will process the address change. 



Q:  What shipping services are used? 

A:  For domestic customers, we ship via USPS or UPS. For international customers, we offer DHL and USPS. DHL is our preferred method as they are in possession of the package from pickup to drop off and have transit times in the range of 2-5 business days while only being marginally more expensive. 


Q:  Is insurance included in the shipping? 

A:  Insurance is not included in shipping for in stock and group buy items. Items damaged in shipping will either be refunded or replaced at our discretion. 


Q:  When will my order ship? 

A:  If the item is an item that is stocked in the store, it should ship within 1-3 days of the order being placed. If it is not shipped after 3 days, please contact us at



Q:  What is the return policy? 

A:  Unopened, unused and undamaged items are eligible for return up to 30 days from the date of purchase as long as they were stocked in the storefront at the time of your purchase. No returns are offered for built to order products or GB items.


Q:  I got a dead PCB. What do I need to do? 

A:  If you received a kit with a dead PCB, we will send a shipping label to you and have you send the old PCB back. We will repair or replace it and send it back to you at no cost. 


Q:  My order address is incorrect. Can I change that? 

A:  Once an order has shipped, the address cannot be changed. Order addresses can be changed if an item has not yet shipped. To change a delivery address, log into the account used to purchase the item and add a new address. Once complete, contact us with an order number and we will process the address change. 



Terms of service

Terms of service and Group Buy Terms of Service can be found here.