Southpaw Full Size B-stock extras

Southpaw Full Size B-stock extras

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Complete kit. Includes case, plate, PCB, and all applicable hardware. B-stock cases will have cosmetic imperfections but are fully functional. Priced based on configuration with blemishes taken into account. Cases may have blemishes not pictured in albums. Unsealed brass will have patina from handling and storage. All sales on b-stock kits are final. 

Serial numbers correspond to units pictured in this album

First round in stock on 11/5/2020 at 12:00AM PST.  Next batch planned for mid November. 

  • Traditional or mirrored numpad support

  • Solid aluminum bottom and brass weight available

  • ~8.75lb unbuilt with brass weight and plate

  • 8.5 degree angle 

  • USB Mini-B 

  • QMK firmware with VIA support 

  • Open source plates available soon
*Due to the size and weight of the item, shipping costs may be inaccurate. Please send us an email to get shipping invoiced to you manually if rates are higher than expected. Shipping weights are ~10.5lbs for kits with weights and ~7.5lbs for kits with solid aluminum bottoms.