Southpaw Full Size - Group Buy

Southpaw Full SIze. Left-handed / semi-reversed full size keyboard. A layout with the workspace footprint of a TKL with functionality adept for CAD, spreadsheets, and gaming. Configurable with a multitude of finish, material, and layout options. 


Instructions / Outline

  • Group buy for the southpaw full size keyboard kit. Ordering will open July 16th at 12:00am PDT and close on July 30th or when all 65 spots have been filled.
  • Orders should contain at least 1 full kit (Chassis, PCB, plate). Extra plates and PCBs may be placed in the same order. Orders containing more than 1 kit will be canceled. If you would like two or more kits, please place separate orders. Because of the nature of the packaging, orders will be shipped separately. 
  • Please DO NOT order group buy items with items that are in stock. In-stock items added to orders will be removed. 
  • There will be no proxies. We strongly recommend using DHL for international shipping. 
  • Payment method will be charged as soon as the order is reviewed and it is determined that there are no errors in the order. 
  • Joining this group buy will subscribe you to email updates (not marketing emails). You may choose to unsubscribe after the first email.  
  • Note that shipping costs will be higher than usual because of the size and weight of the board. All packages will ship with insurance in custom foam boxes.
  • THIS IS A GROUP BUY. Expected delivery in Q4 2018 / Q1 2019



  • Semi isolated top mounted construction
  • Traditional and mirrored numpad support
  • Optional 4.5lb brass weight. 
  • ~8.75lb unbuilt with brass weight and plate
  • 8.5 degree angle 
  • USB Mini-B 
  • QMK Firmware


Kit Options

  • Chassis material. 7075 or 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Chassis finish. Raw, traditional, and hard anodization
  • Plate material. CNC Brass or aluminum. Laser acrylic. 
  • Plate layout. Traditional or mirrored numpad. Full or partial plate. 
  • Optional brass weight. 

Group Buy Information

This is a group buy which brings new concepts and products to the community. Orders are taken beforehand and then submitted to the vendor as a whole, allowing the factories to do a single run of components, making the product available for purchase without any extreme upfront costs and stocking.


The group buy will be run as close to schedule as possible, but delays are possible if any issues in production occur. Orders can be changed and canceled during the ordering period, but after the bulk order is submitted to the vendor, orders may not be changed or canceled. Understand that because of the nature of a group buy, there may be the unlikely chance of superficial changes to product specifications (i.e. screw color, SMD component spec, etc...) that will never hinder or affect functionality of the product in any way. By joining this group buy, you understand all stated above as well the group buy and shipping terms and conditions in the info section. 

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