Southpaw GB - Update Two

January 13th, Week 5, Production 

We are still on track for the Mid February / Early March Ship date for all orders. Laser cut plates, bent plates, integrated cases and PCBs will be finished sometime later this month and should be packed and ready to ship to the US by the last week of this month. Aluminum cases are due a little later on the week before Lunar New Year and will be shipping mid-February if everything goes to plan and no delays are encountered.

Design Updates
The risers for the aluminum cases have undergone a small change that will not affect functionality. The front and rear edges that meet the case will be slightly rounded with a .2mm fillet as to retain the anodization during handling. We've worked with the factory to produce a small batch of these updated cases before the production time that was secured so there will be a small run of these shipped to us later this month to check everything over and if there aren't any issues, we'll continue with production and complete the cases as scheduled.

We will have extras and most likely one or two factroy seconds left for sale after fufullment has completed. Subscribe to the main mailing list if you would like to be notified when they go on sale. These units are first come first serve.