Southpaw GB - Update Nine

June 15th, Week 27. Reorganizing and shipping

Shipping to those who have opted to stay with the items that are on hand is wrapping up and I'm preparing to ship everything else back to the original manufacturer. Please double check the spreadsheet used to manage orders. If yours is marked incorrectly or if there is any issue, contact me ASAP as the items will be shipped back next week. 

I've discussed production with the new factory and at the moment, it just depends on when I can send the money to them which I have not received yet. As soon as I have the money, I will submit the new order to the new manufacture and get things going. 

As far as extras are concerned, there are a lot of people looking for extras. Extras will be made available this Wednesday and will be FCFS. I am unable to sort orders out and email out individual invoices as it is very time consuming. Those who have submitted an extras request form will be able to view the kits that are allocated for extras before they are made available to purchase.