Southpaw GB - Update Three

January 31st, Week 8, Production

We were just notified of a delay with PCB production and would like to let everyone know that we will not be able to fulfill orders in the Feb 12 to Mar 3 time frame that we were shooting for. The factory that is completing SMD work will be closing earlier than expected on the 5th of February due to an inspection and will not able to finish the PCBs until they resta rt production after their Lunar New Year break. We are looking to get the PCBs completed and shipped to the United States sometime around early/mid March. The updated ship date for all orders is now sometime around mid March. 

Production Update
We have finished production on the CNC cases, laser cut plates, bent plates and integrated cases as scheduled. They are currently being counted and quickly checked over at the warehouse and will be shipped here around the middle of February for quality inspection before orders are packed as PCBs arrive in March. We will provide another update with more exact dates as we continue to receive information from the factory. We are very sorry about the delay and if there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at


UPDATE - Please Check the bottom of the GB page for further updates as updating articles, the project page, and the GH thread is redundant.