Southpaw GB - Update Ten

July 10th, Week 31. Remanufacturing

At the moment we are still organizing logistics for remanufacturing. After talking with KP, terms have changed and we are shipping all the remaining items back for a full refund from them as they have organized the manufacturing for this Group Buy. We have gotten an estimate of 5-10 days for the factories to process the items and issue a refund. We should be shipping the items out this Monday and they should arrive sometime next week, so as it stands, the tentative timeline for delivery should be sometime around September.

Production with the new factories have been completely organized and talked over. They do not have a backlog of any sort and have given us an estimate of 20-35 days from date of payment to completion of manufacturing. The factory that will be manufacturing the aluminum cases is the same one being used for Southpaw FS. We have prototyped with them and the quality looks top notch. The factory that will be doing laser work for plates and bent plates is a new one though a sample is on its way here at the moment and the pictures look very promising in terms of cut quality and tolerances.

We will to continue to issue updates as the situation progresses and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.