Southpaw GB - Update One

December 6, Week 1, Organizing Orders

First of all a huge thanks to the community for making this happen. We have around 150 orders across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

We've now finished sorting orders and have sent out all emails for order changes that need to be made. There were a handful of items that did not meet MOQ, but were close enough so extras were purchased so they could be made. For those who need to change their orders, the GB page has been updated to reflect the items that are being produced and the items that have been canceled. Those changes are due on or before Monday the 10th so we can stay on schedule.

We have a production slot organized and reserved with factories and will be doing a quick pilot run on black Anodized plates and cases in order to check over quality one final time before producing the 60+ cases that are scheduled for February. The first 4 people who ordered black anodized aluminum cases will have the option of taking one of the cases from the pilot run which will run ahead of the schedule. These will be laser-marked on the inside of the cases and otherwise, will be identical to the other cases. 

We will be shortly be sending out an email to everyone that is part of the GB for a mailing list that will include all updates for the GB. You will have to subscribe to the list to receive updates directly. Otherwise they will be available on this website. 

For those who missed out on the GB, there will possibly be extras of the aluminum cases, bent plates, and integrated cases. Those will be available sometime in the spring on this website.