Mid November Group Buy Updates

Southpaw 65+ 

Plates have been completed and have arrived in the US. For those in the EU, the order for those should have been picked up from the factory by Candykeys last week and should arrive shortly. 

A quick count and QC was completed yesterday for all laser cut plates and bent plates. Quality is greatly improved over the last batch. Orders will be packed throughout this week and next week so look out for a shipping confirmation in your email if you have ordered a kit with a bent plate. 


Southpaw Full Size

Plates have started CNC. Cases are being re-machined as the cutout on the sides were incorrect for the first batch. This should not impact the delivery schedule set for Q4'18/ Q1'19. 

PCBs are in mass production along with the Lunar PCBs and should be here shortly. 


Lunar 65% AEK

All cases were completed last week and during QC, the factory found some issues with the anodization which have arisen as a result of the material. It's quite a mystery to us since the prototype came out flawless and according to the factory, the same material supplier and anodizing factory was used for both the prototype and production run. Nearly all units have uneven anodization around the sides as a band that goes around the entire case. Some units have minor streaking from acid etch. We are hesitant on having the factory fix these so we will be paying for these and offering them as B stock at heavily discounted prices.  

For the 50 original customers who are in the group buy, we will be manufacturing new cases for everyone. We have another factory which has been used to manufacture custom keyboards before and will organize another batch of cases to be produced. As the 7 series alloy has proven to be difficult to anodize, both by the factories that have been used before and by other makers who have used it in their products, we will switch to either a 6 series or 5 series alloy depending on price, quality and availability.  

As with manufacturing, we will be running the new factory through the paces as with a brand new product being manufactured in a brand new factory. Although they have made other high end custom keyboard kits before, we will still be doing a handful of pre-production pieces for quality assurance and will be discussing expectations with them. We believe that this will take a significant amount of time, but we are still on track for the original Q1/Q2 2019 ship date as we were quite far ahead of schedule with the current (now b-stock) units. 

Assembly has started for the PCBs and should wrap up shortly. They should arrive close to the end of this month and made available with b-stock cases. Extra A and B stock from the current factory will be available on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like a notification for these, please fill out the form below.