Early June Group Buy Updates

Southpaw 65+ 

Anodizing was recently completed and I've been sent some pictures. There are a handful that look spectacular and some that have grain. I'm working with the rep now on discussing what can be done to mitigate that. 

The angled feet came out great in terms of CNC work. Some of them have etch marks and will be reanodized. 

Pictures here


Southpaw Full Size

Anodizing has been complete for all units save for those that are 7075 aluminum. The factory has been trying the grey 7075 units with little luck on color matching so if worst comes to worst, I will be emailing those who have grey 7075 units on a color switch to black or silver. This does not affect those with 6061 units in grey. 

Pictures here


Lunar 65% AEK

100% complete. Extras available. Huge thanks to everyone in the GB for being patient with all the delays and issues encountered along the way. 

The factory being used for lunar is the one handling boards that are being made in the future. Fit and finish on the A-stock lunar units is a good representation on what they are capable of. 


Baseline Six

Budget bottom mounted 65%. More details to come soon.