Late March Group Buy Updates

Southpaw 65+ 


Aluminum cases are now completed and waiting to be anodized. The anodizing supplier misplaced the anodizing samples that was given to them during the visit last August and new ones have been sent to them and are awaiting delivery. 

Raw aluminum cases will be shipped to the US first in order to minimize wait time. They should be here in about two weeks time or less. 


Southpaw Full Size


CNC and hand finishing is 100% complete. Cases are in the anodization queue. They will be inspected and assembled by the factory to ensure that there are no issues with the cases before they are shipped here to the US. The project is currently running slightly behind schedule. Revised ETA at this moment is about 2 months out. 


Lunar 65% AEK


New cases have just arrived but not yet completed QC. Resin shifts are all here and orders that are outstanding due to missing shifts will be fulfilled first before orders containing remanufactured cases.

Expect orders with only outstanding resin shifts to be fulfilled by the start of next week. Orders containing manufactured cases should be shipped by the end of next week. 

Due to a stock miscalculation, there is a small shortage of PCBs. Additional ones are being manufactured at the moment and are set to arrive sometime early in April. About 5-10 orders that were placed later in the Group Buy will be affected.  Orders will be fulfilled per order number.