Late April Group Buy Updates

Southpaw 65+ 



Anodization samples didn't seem to have made it to China. This is just further delaying things so will be matching the items I have on hand to pantone codes then sending them over tomorrow. Will update once anodization starts. 


Southpaw Full Size


According to my factory contact during the last update, only the CNC was completed and not hand finishing. Will update soon as I get a clear answer from the rep on what the status of the boards are. 


Lunar 65% AEK



Now shipping. The quality from this factory is top notch and will be where future GBs are run. Clear and quick communication from start to finish of manufacturing process.


Nearly all orders up through #1323 are packed and shipped out as of last Thursday. A little behind due to work and school but predict to have remaining orders packed and shipped by the middle of this coming week.