Incoming stock - Early November

Incoming stock

For the beginning of November, we will be testing the waters for some new products and see how well they will do. These will be items that are in stock and ready to ship but we will only have limited quantities as we are trying to see what products will do well in the market. Listed below are the items that will be brought in next week. 

  • XD60 Bent Plate Kits
  • Aluminum Case cone feet
  • Kailh Box White Clicky Switches
  • Otemu Purple 62g Tactile Switches
  • PBT Granite Dyesub 
  • Genuine Cherry Stabilizers
  • Clear PCB Stabilizers 
  • Acrylic Switch Tester Bases



  • XD84 Low Profile Aluminum Kits (We will NOT be restocking these because of a supply issue)
  • XD84/EEPW84 Bent Plate Kits
  • Gateron Brown switches
  • Gateron Blue Switches
  • Gateron Red Switches
  • White 3mm LEDs



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