Group Buy Status Update - Early October

GB Updates - October 6th


The switches that were ordered are arriving tomorrow and I'll be getting the rest of the boards that need assembly out the door on monday or tuesday. I talked to the vendor who has said that the factory is finishing up the risers for the aluminum cases and will be shipping them out to the vendor after the holiday is over which should be this monday. The cases have been really delayed but are coming soon so I encourage everyone to wait it out a little longer because they're almost here. For further group buys, I'll definitely be going to a different factory for cases and anodization so that this doesn't happen again. I'll try and provide another update on Monday after everyone gets back from vacation and see when exactly the cases will get here.


Southpaw Extended

The long awaited round 1 of samples for QC and feasibility are arriving today. GB will start shortly after prices, MOQs and production times are discussed with factories and vendors. GB is projected to run for around a month and have a production time of 4-8 weeks with a 4 week shipping a sorting period.