Early May Group Buy Updates

Southpaw 65+ and Southpaw FS

Had a long talk with the factory over these two projects and it seems that the reason they're not being done at an adequate pace is that they've pushed other things ahead of it due to order volume. This factory is a larger one and also handles orders that are many times larger than what we are doing. It's understandable that they prioritize those orders but I have cleared the issue up with them and will try to get things made as soon as possible. I am still discussing with the rep to see when the boards will be completed so I can give everyone a concrete ETA. 

Southpaw Fullsize is being hand finished right now. They've found some issues I've pointed out during my visit and are remaking some parts such as the tops due to inconsistencies in the chamfers. The remaining units that do not have this issue are being serialized and hand finished in order to achieve the 'seamless' look. I will see what the situation on the remade tops are and decide on how anodizing will progress once I know. 

Pantone colors for Southpaw 65 have been sent to the manufacturer. They should be starting shortly. I'll request pictures as they finish up. 



Lunar 65% AEK

Everything is packed into boxes and numbered. Extras PCBs arrived yesterday but didn't come with ESD bags. Those will arrive on Friday and be packed in with the cases over the weekend. GB should be 100% complete by Monday. Please test PCBs and look over cases when they arrive as I will hold extras for about one week in case any lemons slipped through QC on my end. After, they will be sold as a-stock extras. 

This factory is looking quite promising on quality as well as communication and flexibility. They have managed to deliver all the cases in about 45 days with a near 100% QC pass rate and 100% order accuracy. Future GBs will be run through them unless a major change occurs.