Early August Group Buy Updates

Order Fulfillment 

I have been away for the last three weeks vising family and was not able to fulfill any orders during the time. Hopefully those of you who ordered saw the banner at the top of the home page. I'm catching up on things at the moment and should have orders out by next week. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at contact@switchplate.co


Southpaw 65+ 

I posted this in Geekhack a few weeks ago before I left on vacation and wasn't able to find the time to copy it here. 

As many of you read in the last update, some of the cases that came out have aluminum grain on them. The only way to fix this is to remake cases from scratch, and unless the supplier is willing to test the aluminum (which the current one is not at the current quantity), there's no guarantee that they will be completely free of grain. 

They're going to reblast and reanodize some of the cases that have issues that can be lessened or removed by refinishing. I've gotten some better pictures from my rep and some of the cases have extremely minimal grain that appears at certain angles and will not be reworked as reanodizing aluminum multiple times deteriorates the surface (as seen from my lunar GB) and leads to more defects from handling. 

As the situation stands, the factory is unwilling to remake the cases as this is the "second run" from them as many from the first had major CNC inconsistencies around the chamfers and standoffs and were tossed. Remaking again would run another few months (given this past experience with them) and is just not feasible at this point. For units that I receive and QC that do not meet my quality expectations, I will issue out partial refunds and organize cerakoating if desired. 

I'm truly sorry if I've disappointed some of you as everyone in the GB has certainly waited long enough for their boards. My vision from the beginning has always been to deliver boards that do not disappoint and it is something I've tried my best to do with this GB. As it stands today though, I simply do not have the money left after the fiasco with KP and the round 1 Lunar manufacturing situation to remake a third run of cases at the factory that manufactured the second run of Lunar. I would much rather get these delivered to everyone as soon as possible without any further delays. 


Some cases at the moment still show some grain. Manufacturer of the remade aluminum cases has stopped cooperating as remaking aluminum cases is costing them more than what I've paid them due to remanufacturing and remaking cases that had issues. They are not willing to remake/fix any more cases. I will be shipping what I receive and issuing partial refunds for cases that have grain (which, I understand from my rep, not many). If you happen to be allocated a case with serious grain, I will help with certificating if desired.


Southpaw Full Size

Foam packing has been ordered and shipped to the factory. They'll be bolting tops and bottoms together. Plates and PCBs will be packed separately. If there are issues with these cases on the anodizing/finishing side, I'll be issuing partial refunds as I do not want to spend more time and money with the current factory that is working on these due to how they've handled the issues on the Southpaw 65 boards. 



Lunar 65% AEK

Last run of PCBs ordered and are being produced right now. B and C stock product listings will be updated to include a PCB which will be reflected in prices. About 10 PCBs should be available for purchase separately. 


Baseline Six / Beta Six

Prototype cases and plates arrived. Waiting on proto PCBs and parts. GH Interest check live next week.