Who we are

We are a small company based out of Sunnyvale, California, the heart of Silicon Valley and we are dedicated to designing and selling enthusiast grade mechanical keyboards. 


What we do


We specialize in the design of custom mechanical keyboards. By taking cues and features derived from popular products in the market and combining it with valuable community input, we are able to create products that best appeal to the user. We design around the philosophy of "community first" and are easily able to make any adjustments as needed since our design is done in house and with designers in the community itself. 


Group Buys

We brings products to life through group buys, a process embraced by the enthusiast mechanical keyboard community that allows new products to be made without the overhead costs associated with bringing a new product to market. This process consists of producing products in small, singe-run batches using processes that do not require expensive tooling costs or stocking of the products. 


Distribution Proxies

Many group buys for new and innovative products are started through a vendor based in an overseas country. We strive to bring those products to the North American community without the restrictive shipping costs or logistics barriers. If you are a vendor looking for a proxy or an individual interested in a product, shoot us an email and we will do our best to organize the distribution for a project or product.